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Technical Centre

One of the finest commercially available technical R&D facilities currently on the market, the Lola windtunnel has an enviable track record in providing excellent results aerodynamic and mechanical results.

Run by Windtunnel Developments Ltd, the facility is maintained to high standards and offers customers a fully computerised private control room and complete model making shop. Half of the current Formula One grid has used the wind tunnel since its inception in 1999.

The 50%-scale moving ground plane wind tunnel is renowned in the industry for delivering results with outstanding correlation to on-track aerodynamic performance. Wind speeds of up to 65m/sec (145mph) are generated by the tunnel’s unique Lola developed composite fan blades.

Automated model controls allow a wide range of pitch, roll and yaw-attitudes to be evaluated.

A ground-floor 7-post vehicle dynamic test rig gives an additional R&D service, offering full track replay and endurance testing of both commercial and competition cars.

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